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Karur Cinemas, a Syndicate, for a good cause: It all started some 12-15 years back. It was the time when the theater owners of Karur faced extreme loss and struggled to run their theaters. After a long stood struggle, all the top theater owners of Karur city had a meeting and found Karur Cines Associates. They agreed to hold together in every hard situation. They decided to look after their fellow business people instead of competing.

Who We Are

Karur Cines Associates (Karur Cinemas), a syndicate, was created by the theater owners of Karur back in 2011. An organization that works upon dedication and dignity. For the company, Karur Cines Associates, their success in this field is the result of their obedience to the government. They always follow every single rule that was made by the government.

Under the Karur Cinemas, every theater should remain similar in all aspects, from their screening technologies to their infrastructures like seatings and air conditioning. All the theaters under the syndicate should have to screen every movie with standard technologies. Everything they are using in their theaters should be similar.

Facilities in all our theatres, Dolby Atmos, Harkness Screens, Full AC Hall, Luxury Seats, 4K Projectors and more facilities for customers. Dedicated booking system for Online customers at and self KIOSK system for self ticketing. Not only booking system, DCR, Daily Tax invoice, and Monthly Tax Invoice, and everything is computerized as per government terms.

Theatres in Karur Cinemas

  • 1. Ajantha Talkies
  • 2. Ellora Talkies
  • 3. Thinnappa Theatre
  • 4. Amutha Theatre
  • 5. Ponamutha Theatre
  • 6. Kalaiarangam Cine Plex
  • 7. Kavithalaya Theatre