Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all transactions processed by KarurCinemas

  • Ticket availability and prices on the KarurCinemas web-site are provided for information only. The KarurCinemas is not obliged to contract on the basis of that information.
  • Children above 3 years will be charged full ticket.
  • All tickets (and booking fees) must be paid for in full at the time of booking.
  • The KarurCinemas will not be responsible for any lost or stolen tickets.
  • Events or programme details may need to be cancelled or varied because of circumstances beyond reasonable control.
  • The KarurCinemas may place restrictions on the number of tickets that may be ordered.
  • A customer making a booking on behalf of a group, by doing so, accepts the KarurCinemas terms and conditions on behalf of all group members and becomes responsible for making all payments due from the group.

The following regulations govern performances taking place at the KarurCinemas:

  • Arrive on time. The KarurCinemas will endeavour to admit latecomers at a suitable break in the performance (which may be the interval) but admission cannot be guaranteed.
  • Make your booking carefully. Once purchased, tickets cannot be exchanged nor money refunded unless a performance is cancelled or less than half the performance takes place.
  • The KarurCinemas reserves the right to refuse admission for good reason.
  • Every member of the audience must have a valid ticket.
  • The KarurCinemas operates a non-smoking policy in all areas of the building.
  • The consumption of drinks in glasses or bottles is not permitted in the auditorium.
  • The use of any form of recording equipment is not permitted in the auditorium, if anything found KarurCinemas will take severe action.
  • Video capturing with the help of Mobiles phones and other electronic devices is violation and management will take severe action against the person.
  • If an event is cancelled or rescheduled, The KarurCinemas will use reasonable endeavours to notify customers of the cancellation although the KarurCinemas does not guarantee that ticket holders will be informed of such cancellation before the date of the event. The KarurCinemas is only able to inform customers for whom it holds valid contact details. Any customer who book tickets online without giving correct and up to date contact details does so at their own risk. You are responsible for any possessions you bring into the KarurCinemas.

The following regulations govern performances taking place at the KarurCinemas Online booking:

  • Customer who book tickets online should provide valid mobile number and email id to receive "Ticket Confirmation" details, invalid contact details will not receive SMS or EMAIL confirmation. Also keep in mind that your booking is confirmed and seats will be available only for you with or without valid contact details.
  • Completion of the online booking process, including the provision of credit or debit card details, shall constitute an offer by the customer to purchase tickets subject to the KarurCinemas general terms and conditions of sale (above).
  • The customer is entirely responsible for entering his/her details correctly during the booking process. The customer warrants that all details supplied are true and accurate. The customer is responsible for informing the KarurCinemas of any changes to his/her details once the booking is concluded.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to check that tickets issued by the KarurCinemas are correct. Tickets purchased online for the incorrect performance cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  • Collect tickets no later than 30 minutes before the show is due to start, (from the venue of the performance unless otherwise advised).
  • Customer who book ticket online from "Internet Browsing Centers" should not download tickets to common system and kindly SIGNOUT.